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Scale Computing

The Virtualization Platform designed to deliver simplicity, availability and scalability

Scale Computing is a developer and manufacturer of unified, scale-out storage solutions tailored to the virtualization and archiving needs of the small and medium-sized business (SME). The entire Scale portfolio is based on its uniquely flexible Intelligent Clustered Operating System (ICOS) technology.
  1. HC3 OneTouch Provisioning – in a matter of minutes, you have all the resources provisioned to have your environment up and running.
  2. HC3 OneTouch Configuration – Rapidly configure your resources to match your applications using our automated, easy to use web portal.
  3. HC3 OneTouch Deployment – Once you’ve provisioned and configured, just set the thresholds your business needs, and HC3 does the rest for you.

Scale Computing | Edge Computing with HC3 Edge

Scale Computing HC3 Edge is a powerful, all-in-one platform uniquely designed for running applications at the edge.

Lightweight software is packaged for uncontrolled, non-IT environments and managed centrally, making it easy to run applications anywhere they are needed while also reducing workloads for IT teams.