Ruckus by Commscope

Innovative Network Solutions

RUCKUS builds and delivers purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough environments of the industries we serve. Together with their trusted go-to-market partners, Ruckus empowers their customers to deliver exceptional experiences to the users who are counting on them.

  1. Application Delivery
  2. Big Data
  3. BYOD
  4. Business Continuity
  5. Network Security
  6. Unified Communications
  7. Mobility

Switches, Routers, Network Functions Virtualization, Application Delivery Switches, Wireless LAN Access Points, Wireless LAN Controllers, SAN Backbones, SAN Backbone/Director Blades, Transceivers, Management Software, Adapters, Security Appliances.

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi: Hit the air running

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Deploy remote cloud access points from any device. See a day in the life of Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi.

Learn just how easy it can be to deploy, monitor and optimize your distributed multisite network.