Leading Email Archiving

Email is not only one of the most important ways of communicating, it is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources. Only those who are able to manage emails efficiently can truly consider themselves ready for the future. In practice, however, this is connected with a number of challenges:

  1. Emails are deleted by users or lost due to technical problems. This causes the company to lose important data every day.
  2. Users need fast, comprehensive, and, increasingly, mobile access to their emails.
  3. IT managers need to ensure the security and availability of larger and larger quantities of data with limited technical and financial resources.
  4. In order to meet operational needs for litigation readiness and eDiscovery, for compliance reasons or end-user liability, companies must implement an email retention policy and ensure the centralized, tamperproof, and storage of all emails.

Benefits of Email Archiving

Businesses can benefit from all advantages of modern, secure email archiving with MailStore Server. Over the next few minutes, we’ll show you how you can benefit from our email archiving solution MailStore Server.