Security Awareness Training
Curricula Makes Security Awareness Training FUN!
Employee Training on security awareness shouldn’t be boring, so they fixed it.

Curricula’s fun eLearning LMS platform uses behavioral science techniques, like storytelling, to fundamentally transform your employee online training program.

  • Learning Management System – Simple eLearning platform for employees
  • Security Awareness Training – Fun training content your employees will love
  • Phishing Simulator – Send real-world phishing tests to employees
  • Content Creator – Create fun online training content
  • Reporting – Employee behaviors and compliance reports

Cyber Security Awareness Training + Simulated Phishing 

Security awareness training shouldn’t be boring, so we fixed it. Learn why Curricula’s cyber security awareness training and simulated phishing platform has become the choice for leading IT security professionals and their employees. Curricula uses behavioral science techniques to capture the attention of employees and train them in a fun, relatable way.