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Strong technical network solutions background

Our expert IT staff’s goal is to provide an understanding of the components of our solutions. This lets us help you design and deploy solutions that are robust, with accelerated ROI and low ongoing maintenance costs. We will review your needs, offer suggestions and provide our expertise to solve your problems.

Our Guarantee

We sell and promote only high-quality products and we describe them truthfully. Each product is carefully assessed and evaluated before acceptance by our firm – we then offer internal training to our employees on our product lines. We use most of these products ourselves and will only recommend those applicable to your needs.

Consulting Services

Our solution specialists will set up a custom Needs Assessment for your organization.

Working with your staff, we will create a plan that takes into account the design, sourcing, implementation and deployment for a complete solution, including a plan for training of both tech staff and end-users.

Though each one is specially made to address your needs, they can include areas such as:

  • Look at your current environment.
  • Determine problems and challenges.
  • What are your current needs?
  • What are your future needs?
  • What is your skill set? Will you need support and ongoing assistance with your solution?
  • Do you want us to do 2nd level support?
  • Perform a physical check:
    • Network and configuration
    • Physical layout
    • Any physical limitations?

It’s easy to get more information on this process, and how we can work with you. Just use the button below, which will take you up to the form on the top right of this page. After you’ve submitted it, our experts will contact you and help you with any information that you need on the process.

We’ve been providing clients in Edmonton Network Infrastructure Consulting Services for years and can definitely help you as well.