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Today, your employees are frequently exposed to advanced phishing and ransomware attacks. Your users are the weak link in your IT security. There are 5 ways (call them generations) to train end-users:

  • "Do Nothing", rely on filters and count on users to not click on phishing links. It is surprising that 25% of organizations still use this tactic.
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  • "The Break Room", herd all users once a year into the break room. Keep them awake with donuts and coffee during the death by PowerPoint slide deck.

  • "The Monthly Security Video", where users are being given short videos that each cover a topic related to keeping the network secure, but causing training fragmentation.

  • "The Phishing Test", select a group of high-risk users and send a mock phishing attack. Employees that fail are asked to do a short remedial training.

  • "The Human Firewall", 1) Pre-test all users to find out your organization’s Phish-prone percentage and get your baseline. 2) Train all your employees on-line, on-demand to resist important attack vectors. 3) Schedule monthly phishing attacks to all users year-round -- Fully automated, super simple, highly effective, and very little time required.

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